Terms and Conditions

1. Any booking, unless otherwise agreed is for a minimum of 5 nights within a 7 day period (Saturday to Saturday or Sunday to Sunday) with an in-house chef being present at your chalet, to host evening meals.

2. To make a booking with The Chalet Chef, you must contact us by email, or by using the online booking/enquiry forms found on our website. On receipt of your details we will confirm by email our availability for your requirements. We will hold the date of the booking in question for one week until you can either confirm or release it. The party leader must supply their full name and contact details, and will be responsible for all payments due in relation to the booking.

3. After discussing the booking with us, a non refundable deposit of 20% of the total amount must be paid to us to confirm the booking. If the booking is taken 4 weeks or less prior to the arrival date in resort, the full payment is due in order to confirm the booking. Deposits are non refundable under any circumstances if the client cancels some or all of the booking for any reason whatsoever. This includes anything related to Covid 19 for example, working practice laws in France, travel restrictions or transport cancellations, local or international lockdowns, quarantine regulations or issues whether they be in the clients’ home country or France. In light of the above mentioned situation of Covid 19, we would look to postpone your booking and offer you credit of the deposit paid for a 12 month period.

We accept payment by bank transfer into our WISE Bank account, and will issue an invoice for any payments made by email.

4. Once the deposit (or full payment of four weeks or less until arrival date) is paid, we consider the booking confirmed and will confirm in writing by email to you. Please at this time inform us of any dietary requirements. We will need this information to ensure the menu is planned correctly and necessary precautions put in place. If we do not receive details at this time we cannot be held responsible for any issues that may occur.

5. The balance payment for any booking must be paid in full 4 weeks in advance of the booking start date. Failure by the client to pay the balance payment for your booking as stated above will result in your chef being made available for other parties.

6. If the client wishes to decrease numbers of their party within the period between the deposit having been paid and the balance payment being due (for example half the party have decided not to come but the other half have) The Chalet Chef will do their utmost to make the booking work. The deposits of those members of a party that have cancelled can not be added to the balance payment of those that will be continuing with the booking. A cancellation invoice for the deposit of those that have cancelled can be issued (on request) and the members of the party that will be continuing with the booking must pay the balance payment corresponding to the deposit they have paid.

Due to the economics of our costs vs number of guests a decrease in guest numbers may mean an alternative package being offered to you and an increased cost per person.

As every case is different The Chalet Chef would put a proposal to the client and will do their utmost to make the catering work for the client providing catering as near to what the client had originally booked in the new circumstances as economically possible.

7. The Chalet Chef reserves the right to cancel some or all of any booking without refund should there be any safety issue which may effect the health and safety of any chef/host be it within the chalet you have rented or during the necessary journey to your chalet. For example, faulty electrics within the chalet, dangerous driving conditions due to weather, uncleared roads, driveways or steps leading to your chalet which are unavoidable for access, adverse weather conditions, or other acts of God or ‘Force Majeure’ (meaning acts of war or threat of war, political unrest, terrorist activities, adverse weather conditions, volcanic ash clouds, strikes, acts of God, epidemics, riots, civil strife, industrial disputes, terrorist activity, natural or technical disasters, nuclear war and or similar events out of our control).

8. Should the chef allocated to the client be injured, ill or unable to work for personal reasons and in the rare occurrence we cannot supply a replacement chef to cook in-house, your party will be supplied with pre-prepared meals and a shopping service. You the client will be refunded the difference between your in-house booking price and the pre-prepared meal and shopping service prices. If we are not in a position to offer either the pre-prepared meals and a shopping service, a full refund will be given to the client, minus the food costs.

9. The Chalet Chef strives to provide you with everything you have requested for your booking. However in certain circumstances we may not be able to give you exact menu items you have ordered/requested. In which case we will provide the nearest ingredient possible.

10. It is the responsibility of the client to make The Chalet Chef aware of any allergies, illnesses or conditions involving food or any other substances or circumstances which require alternative ingredients, special attention or precautions to ensure the health and safety of the both the clients and chef/host. This information MUST be provided by email and acknowledged, or on the client information sheet you are required to fill out and return before the booking starts. We cannot guarantee that we can offer alternatives to those with dietary requirements if we are only informed once the party is in resort.

11. It is the clients responsibility to check with the party they have rented their chalet from, that they are allowed to use a private chef in the chalet. It is your responsibility to inform the owners/managers of the chalets you are using that you are employing outside caterers before confirming your booking as we cannot be held responsible for any problems or cancellations that may come about due to not informing them. You must also provide their contact information to us so we can arrange access to the chalet for the duration of your booking.

12. It is the clients responsibility to check and confirm that the kitchen is fully functioning, with the capability of hosting a private chef, including plates, crockery, pots, pans and utensils. We will of course help where we can. The kitchen must be in a clean and usable state before the chef arrives, with clean and clear surfaces and pots etc. If the kitchen is not in a fit state then the chef reserves the right to cancel the evening, at the cost of the client, due to their negligence.

13. During bookings by The Chalet Chef, the client must adhere to the strict hygiene rules and regulations that are current at the time of your booking relating to Covid 19. Failure by the client to adhere to these rules may result in staff leaving the chalet and your booking being cancelled without refund.

14. All payments must be made by an online/app transfer in Euros, direct to The Chalet Chef bank account hosted by WISE bank.

15. Should you or any member of your party need to cancel a booking, you must inform us immediately in writing. Cancellation charges will then be as set out below, in order to cover the cost of booking, and the likelihood that we will be able to resell the cancelled service:

  • Cancelled more than 56 days in advance – Cancellation charge will be the deposit amount.
  • Cancelled within 42-55 days in advance – 30% of total price will be charged as a cancellation fee.
  • Cancelled within 28-41 days in advance – 50% of total price will be charged as a cancellation fee.
  • Cancelled within 15-27 days in advance – 80% of total price will be charged as a cancellation fee.
  • Cancelled less than 14 days in advance – No money will be refunded.
  • Depending on the reasons of cancellation, you may be able to claim under your travel insurance.

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